Hello Darkness my old friend

Jr. Motion Graphic Designer/3D animator/Master Chef available for internships/work. Living a bit all over and more than willing to move, though currently building a treehouse in the Swedish woods.



00:00 2014: A REEL - Cinema 4D+After Effects
00:12 Lord Langbacka - Maya+Cinema 4D+Photoshop+After Effects
00:16 Subsurface - Cinema 4D+After effects (With Ola Tanstad&Owe Martinez)
00:24 STRATOS Edge of Space - Cinema 4D (With EAT MY DEAR)
00:25 Around the World - Cinema 4D (With Zesbaans)
00:27 Chupa - Cinema 4D+Vray+Zbrush+After Effects
00:32 Wasabi - Cinema 4D
00:36 UTOPIA - Cinema 4D
00:37 Around the World - Cinema 4D (With Zesbaans)
00:42 STRATOS Edge of Space - Cinema 4D (With EAT MY DEAR)
00:43 on candystripe legs the spiderman comes - Cinema4D+Vray
00:44 Pretty Fly - Cinema 4D+Photoshop+AfterEffects
00:48 Boyfriend in a Coma - Cinema 4D
00:50 I wish I was Frank Miller - Cinema 4D+Photoshop+After Effects
00:53 TENTACLE CO - Zbrush+Cinema 4D (With Toby Auberg)
00:54 Marijani - Zbrush+Cinema 4D+After Effects
00:56 ASTERISK - After Effects+Cinema 4D (With Toby Auberg, Jakob Fyledal & Andreas Persson)
01:00 Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere - Cinema4D+After Effects
01:05 99 Bubbles - Cinema4D+After Effects



Red Bull Stratos - Graphics Montage from EAT MY DEAR on Vimeo.

ASTERISK from Toby Auberg on Vimeo.

Progress & Info

This amazing project was originally started by Toby Auberg, later re-inverted completely for a weeklong project with myself, Toby, Jakob Fyledal and Andreas Persson.


Subsurface from Owe Martirez on Vimeo.

Progress & Info

Me, Owe and Ola doing a bitchass thing together


Coming soon! Waterwerk bumpers!
Progress Screens Storyboard


Mick Jagger, life couch extraordinary, once said that "Anything worth doing is worth overdoing", and those words I've lived after. Hardcore worker, intense learner, TV is only worth watching if you can watch a season/sitting and either it's a three-course meal or it's cup ramen (usually it's cup ramen).

I'm walking the road of 3 dimensions - long I've tried to become more of a generalist, but fact is starting to glare into my face - I do concept art in Cinema 4d. I am trying really hard to learn to draw through, we'll see where I end up.

I do Cinema4D with Vray, is getting pretty fucking fab at Maya, using ZBrush in ways ZBrush probably shouldn't be used, After Effects where I just discovered the joys of Optical Flares (my next reel will look like a J.J. Abrams's film), getting into NukeX and Mari, and now Unity. Photoshop, of course, if you'd put a gun to my head I'd manage Illustrator as well. InDesign & Office & Pages & whatnot. Familiar with both mac and PC, currently using 15" Retina Macbook. Learning Realflow. Of the belief that the person with the most plugins = winner.


E-mail elin@hyena.se
Skype ElinOlundForsling
Telephone +46 72 1777 332